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This is the single most desirable outcome for any investment; the appreciation of one’s initial outlay and it’s the one we focus most intently on achieving for our clients. That said, the pursuit of this outcome should not be at the expense of excessive levels of risk.

Shinwa Investment Group Management commits considerable resource to the business of risk management. By conducting deep fundamental research into each and every asset we acquire on our clients’ behalf, we mitigate the risk of excessive loss. Of course, no investment manager can claim to eliminate risk, but with careful assessment of the fundamentals and precise timing using technical analysis of asset price movements, it is possible to ensure that capital appreciation increases a reduced risk environment.

Shinwa Investment Group Management has overseen the deployment of billions of dollars’ worth of client capital and consistently returned above average gains to them – year after year.

A portfolio is a vehicle within which all your investments are held collectively. Here at Shinwa Investment Group Management, we devote considerable time and effort to ensuring that each client’s portfolio is flexible, efficient and fit-for-purpose. Shinwa Investment Group Management portfolios are typically comprised of two core assets. These are Equities (Stocks & Shares) and Fixed Income (Government or corporate bonds).

We are also able to hold hard assets or commodities like precious metals and exchange traded products exposed to soft commodities like wheat, sugar, palm oil and others for those of our clients who express an interest in them.

By understanding what motivates customers, we can help them tailor the combination of investments in their portfolios to most closely reflect the way they feel about risk while ensuring their investment objectives have been achieved in a time horizon they have set.

You may be currently retired, or you may be 5, 10, or 20 years away from ending your working life but, regardless, planning is critical. After a lifetime of work, the absence of a monthly paycheck can be hard to get used to, but with careful planning, you won’t find yourself struggling financially. From selecting investments to insulating your family from excessive risk, prudent retirement planning decisions will help to enrich your life irrespective of the manner in which you choose to live out your golden years.

Shinwa Investment Group Management can take the stress out of retirement planning. Our retirement planning services are specifically designed to help you pinpoint your personal retirement goals and construct a plan and strategy to help you realize them.

This is a particularly difficult question to answer since it depends entirely upon when you intend to retire, the lifestyle you intend to lead and the size of your current or prospective pension fund but we always advise clients to consider that with greater leisure time often comes greater expense.

As there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to retirement planning, Shinwa Investment Group Management professionals will work closely with you to visualize the retirement lifestyle you’re aiming for and provide clear, concise and realistic advice on the options available to you.

This is largely dependent upon the investments you purchase with your retirement fund.

Traditionally upon retirement, an annuity was purchased from a pension provider like an insurance company which would pay you a monthly sum but, with annuity rates falling and likely to continue doing so for some time, many retirees are electing to purchase stocks or bonds from blue chip corporates which pay dividends or interest (also called yield or a coupon) which often provide a better return.

Our professionals can help you decide which is most appropriate to you by taking into account your tolerance for investment risk.