Our Philosophy

In today's constantly hard to read markets, firms that are not aware of the full external factors can very easily experience difficulties which, of course, will have a drastic effect on their client's returns and holdings.

At Shinwa Investment Group Management we ensure that our staff have a solid work philosophy and use fundamentally and technically grounded financial procedures.

We always welcome constructive feedback from our clients, we then build this into our daily board meetings and whenever an appropriate change or tweak our business process. Using this approach we have discovered core reasons why our clients choose to place their trust in us:

  • We have the best and broadest range of asset frameworks in the industry, created by seasoned experts from around the globe.
  • Our Primary objective is to deliver on the judicious development of our client's goals and reduce risk wherever possible.
  • We manage portfolios by using a solitary senior partner having expertise in their particular segment of the market. This gives any blended portfolio choice the absolute best support, ensuring our customers a level of management that is unrivaled.
  • We believe in our clients and they trust us to manage their investments. It’s a mutual relationship with the personal touch that can rarely be found in the larger multi-nationals.

It makes us who we are today and sets us firmly apart from the rest.