Our Research

A key part of being a successful investor is the ability to appreciate the larger picture. Shinwa Investment Group Management ability to see things in this way comes from having the kind of perspective that can only be acquired with experience.

We have spent decades building diversified investment portfolios for our valued clients. Our highly-refined equity selection process and our implementation of world-class research enable us to identify the most consistent and best-performing assets all of which gives you the best chance of achieving your financial objectives.

Regardless of whether you elect to work with Shinwa Investment Group Management on a discretionary or advisory basis, we are confident that you’ll welcome the idea our professionals bring to the table.

The best investment management practitioners are the ones who can best utilize the knowledge and lessons gained from successes and mistakes to better service their clients. The depth of our experience makes it possible for us to diversify and allocate your assets astutely.


Equities form the underpinnings of most portfolios since, in the long run, they have been shown to offer excellent growth and protection against the ravages of inflation.

Here at Shinwa Investment Group Management, we provide our clients with access to stock markets around the world including those in emerging economies. Our highly researched stock recommendations play a significant role in the consistent market-beating returns our clients enjoy year after year in bull or bear markets.

We have strong experience with small and micro-cap stocks in innovative companies operating in the alternative energy, biotechnology, and information technology.

As many of our clients are currently retired or approaching retirement, we have a close affinity with the fixed income or bond markets.

Shinwa Investment Group Management prefers to avoid advanced economy sovereign bonds since, in recent years, yields have been in steady decline, but we hold blue-chip corporate bonds in high esteem given their larger returns.

Clients with a minimal tolerance for risk or who wish to derive a steady income tend to gravitate towards fixed income assets.

At Shinwa Investment Group Management, we are always actively seeking opportunities to partner with entrepreneurs and innovative fledgling companies in various sectors to create high growth business opportunities.

We invite you to connect with us to discover how we can work together to create high potential investment opportunities.

When you are pursuing an IPO, public debt issuance or any other form of capital market event, having a consultant with the correct knowledge and experience can make all the difference in helping you reach your goals. You can concentrate on other fundamental decisions and be prepared when the capital market window emerges.

The IPO is a game-changing event for most, necessitating many different aspects of the business to cooperate to achieve a mutual objective.

There will be numerous tasks, from outlining the registration statement to compiling and assessing financial information, structuring, implementing and formulating new governance structures, planning for the campaign, and preparing the organization for its new function as a publicly trading company.

For many businesses, this will mean a meaningful cultural change and a period of adjustment. As portions of the company begin to work together in preparation of readiness, management can’t allow itself or afford to be sidetracked from routine operational execution. Enhanced business fundamentals will boost your chances for a successful IPO process.

We guide clients throughout the stages of the IPO process, from pre-IPO strategizing and preparation to the actual offering process and beyond.