Our Heritage

Shinwa Investment Group Management is always fully committed not just to our clients, but also to the environment and the local community since we were founded in 2007.

Shinwa Investment Group Management always monitor the markets very closely to ensure they are working in accordance with our client’s investments. Risk management is always our top priority.

Shinwa Investment Group Management believe the development of the local community is important which is why we are constantly investing not just our funds but also our time. We consider ourselves to as shoulder to lean on, so whether you are a company growing your business or just looking to build a strong relationship we offer constant support.

Our experienced team of financial professionals put a huge amount of effort into not only building but improving relationships and personal links with our clients. Whether you are a big firm or a private individual we will endeavor to assist you in all your financial goals.

Shinwa Investment Group Management strive to be a driving force in our industry. We are always encouraging our financial experts to be trailblazers in the field, always pushing forward and improving wherever possible.

Shinwa Investment Group Management offers Private Client Services which bring the experience and know-how of only the most knowledgeable brokers in their field, for clients who demand the best attention, guidance and support in today’s markets.

The number of senior brokers has always been kept at a level that provides optimal service for a number of private clients we have. This ensures that we can provide focus and full understanding when working with clients to ensure their portfolios grow and financial goals are met.

By sticking to this philosophy we now have over $13 Billion USD under management globally.