Corporate Trading

Our Capital Introduction offerings simplify and ease the presentation of managers to verified institutional investors based on a comprehensive understanding of values. Our particular relationship management technique enables us to stay on the pulse of collective industry trends, capital flows, and inclinations.

We offer capital introduction services to top and/or emerging hedge fund managers in our extensive platform. Our internal and partner sales and marketing team associates with managers to increase interest in their trading program.

Our Capital Introduction team can deliver targeted introductions to the sector’s leading pension plans, endowments, organizations, sovereign wealth funds, funds of funds, insurance institutions, private banking institutions, and consultants.

Our institutional investment team collaborates within our global system of strategic partners to follow, merge and apply data from our investor and management relations to make expert client introductions.

Whether introducing a new fund or expanding an investor base, we assist with the formulation of strategic placement, utilize capital raising solutions and offer extensive support during the process.

We at Shinwa Investment Group Management consult extensively with our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of their goals and then formulate bespoke strategies to aid in the successful execution of our clients’ aspirations. Each organization has their unique needs and demands, so we work diligently with our clients to create tailored solutions that employ our wide-ranging resources and unique expertise.

We offer our clients a single point of contact, who will in turn coordinate with legal, risk, operations, compliance, and technology to reach both short and long-term goals. Our risk management team will liaise with a range of corporate professionals, including trading and cash management, to guarantee that all our clients’ businesses are fully supported.

With our teams of professionals, we can provide our clients with unlimited support. All of our professionals have extensive, practical experience in both operations and account management. They are proud to offer profound insight into a vast range of financial products, as well as market aptitude on a local and global level, allowing us to deal with a broad range of business strategies.

Our highly esteemed client base relies on the market insight of our Institutional Trading team to help access liquidity, maintain confidentiality and minimize market impact.

By complementing our data services, our team of sales traders and dealers combine superior execution services, utilizing an essential and comprehensive understanding of the markets as well as functional trading systems designed to interact with Shinwa Investment Group Management broker-dealer and institutional liquidity efficiently.

We know how imperative it is to support our global client base across a wide range of investment strategies and protocols. Our flexible solutions offer extensive customization potential, meeting our clients’ individual needs.

Our user-friendly data formatting systems and secure options for delivery enable seamless integration of our offerings with our clients’ existing setups.

Our team of consummate professionals can aid emerging and established funds secure the best individuals, groundwork, and approaches to grow and function more efficiently.

Our Consulting team assists hedge funds in maintaining and nurturing their businesses. With decades of collective experience both locally and abroad, we combine our knowledge and expertise to offer an invaluable skill set to our existing and future clients.

With our unique position within the marketplace of securities lending, we combine enhanced access to stock, global range and profound market insight and understanding.

As a renowned, market-leading, international provider of securities lending solutions and services, we offer comprehensive industry insight into the process of securities lending along with our unique access to supply. We are well known and respected for our long-term relationships built on our core values of superior customer service and excellence, as well as our capacity to borrow liquidity and provide firm security for our investors.